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CAUSE & SYMPTOMS Primary angle closure glaucoma (‘’narrow or closed angle glaucoma’’) is the less common of the two major types of...
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Migraine and glaucoma can sometimes be associated. Typically, most people who have experienced migraine are at a low risk of developing...
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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 21:51

Discharge advice following glaucoma surgery (Mr Galloway patients)

The morning after surgery: wash your hands, remove shield, bathe eyelids with boiled, cooled water and cotton pads. Use new piece with each wipe. Wear eye shield for 7 nights. No heavy lifting for 2 weeks. A gritty or somewhat sharp feeling may be present in the days following surgery. This is normal, and can reflect a surface dryness or be due to some sutures. Sutures are often "dissolving", but can work their way loose. If, however, any significant eye ache develops, seek advice immediately.


You may wear dark glasses if bright lights are uncomfortable.

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